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Dope Game Stupid (Limited Edition Signed First Press) Vinyl

Dope Game Stupid (Limited Edition Signed First Press) Vinyl

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Dope Game Stupid is the debut project from Bruiser Wolf. This innovative record by Bruiser wolf, is a stunning mix of punchy sounds, bold graphics, and crazy loops making it a must-have for any music lover. With its powerful sound quality, record collectors will be sure to treasure this vinyl for years to come. Limited Edition Signed First Press.


1. Thank God ft. Apropos (prod. Raphy)

2. Use Me (I'm Dope) (prod. Raphy)

3. Dope Game $tupid (prod. Raphy)

4. Freak Accident (prod. Raphy)

5. Whip Test (prod. Raphy & dream beach)

6. Chess Move$ (prod. Raphy)

7. Middle Men ft. Fat Ray (prod. Raphy)

8. Bottles of Anejo (prod. Raphy)

9. I'm A Instrument ft. Danny Brown (prod. Raphy)

10. OT For A Day (prod. Raphy)

11. Syndicate ft. J.U.S (prod. Raphy)

12. White is Rain (prod. Raphy)

13. Momma Was a Dopefiend ft. Apropos (prod. Knxwledge)

Executive Produced by Danny Brown
Recorded by Raphy
Mixed by J.U.S. & Raphy
Mastered by J.U.S. & Raphy
Artwork by ZelooperZ
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