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Dope Game Stupid (Digital)

Dope Game Stupid (Digital)

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1. Thank God ft. Apropos (prod. Raphy)

2. Use Me (I'm Dope) (prod. Raphy)

3. Dope Game $tupid (prod. Raphy)

4. Freak Accident (prod. Raphy)

5. Whip Test (prod. Raphy & dream beach)

6. Chess Move$ (prod. Raphy)

7. Middle Men ft. Fat Ray (prod. Raphy)

8. Bottles of Anejo (prod. Raphy)

9. I'm A Instrument ft. Danny Brown (prod. Raphy)

10. OT For A Day (prod. Raphy)

11. Syndicate ft. J.U.S (prod. Raphy)

12. White is Rain (prod. Raphy)

13. Momma Was a Dopefiend ft. Apropos (prod. Knxwledge)

Executive Produced by Danny Brown
Recorded by Raphy
Mixed by J.U.S. & Raphy
Mastered by J.U.S. & Raphy
Artwork by ZelooperZ

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